Seattle Favorites: Coffee Shop Edition Pt. I

So I figured it was about time I do a roundup of my frequent coffee stops! I spend 90% of my days off in coffee shops working on my social media and creating content! Living in Seattle is obviously the perfect place for this type of work because we’re kinda famous for coffee up here…

I find the atmospheres in coffee shops to be incredibly inspiring; the smells, the sounds, the music and the bustling people. It all seems to be my perfect recipe for a workspace to get things done. After living in Seattle for just over a year now, I’ve found a few coffee venues that I really love – so I’m listing them all here for you as well! If you find yourself up in the PNW these are the spots I definitely recommend checking out in the Seattle area (in no particular order).

Oddfellows Cafe + Bar

Location: Capitol Hill Neighborhood

Atmosphere: Bustling, vintage, hip, good place to meet a friend for brunch

Favorite menu item(s): Latte + avocado toast

Oh, Oddfellows. Most people who have been to Seattle have been to Oddfellows. It’s a really popular spot based largely on the fact that it’s one of the most Instagrammed restaurant in Washington  This place has it all; you can enjoy a cup of coffee at the counter, or seat yourself during the day (except for weekend brunch) at one of their rustic tables, or one of their TWO patios. They also have a generous happy hour with house-made craft cocktails, and half priced bottles of wine on Sundays. This is most definitely a place to go with friends.

Not only is the coffee top-notch, the food menu is fantastic as well. These chefs know how to create an artisan and creative variety of food. The daily specials are always fresh and locally sourced, and the weekend brunch is a crowd favorite. If you stop by, grab a latte and some avocado toast. You wont be disappointed. Check out their menu and reserve a table on their website here.


Sound & Fog

Location: West Seattle (Alaska Junction)

Atmosphere: Laid-back, contemporary, good study spot

Favorite Menu Item(s): Matcha Latte + Rose Macaron

This. Place. Now, I don’t want to be biased, but this was the very first coffee shop I visited in Seattle. When we first found out we were moving to West Seattle (we live in Belltown now) I HAD to know what coffee was close by because Starbucks wasn’t gonna cut it. We somehow got lucky enough to have this lovely spot right down the road from our place.

The vibe is so mellow. The atmosphere is bright, airy, and open. There is always a familiar and friendly face behind the register, and they’re usually playing a good combination of Sylvan Esso and Broken Bells. This is my favorite place to go to get shit done. If I have a lot of writing to do, or content to edit (aka time consuming tasks) I love going to Sound & Fog because it promotes a lot of productivity. Almost everyone in there is either reading, or working on a laptop – a great place to hang your hat for a while.

(Interior image credit:

Not only are the vibes on point, but the drinks are too. I live in downtown Seattle now, and I still make time every couple of weeks to get over to Sound & Fog in WS for a matcha latte – its seriously the best matcha I’ve ever had. The rest of their specialty drinks are always rotating and always really creative. Last fall they had a pink peppercorn latte that was to die for. Not a coffee person? Sound & Fog has a great rotating wine and beer menu for those afternoon blues as well. Seriously, don’t miss this place.


Slate Coffee Roasters

Location: Pioneer Square

Atmosphere: Contemporary with retro flair, upbeat, open

Favorite Menu Item(s): Vanilla Espresso & Milk

Slate Coffee Roasters has probably my favorite espresso around. Their non-fussy drinks are perfect for those days when you just need a “good coffee”. The menu is short, sweet, and simple. What you see is what you get. Their milk alternatives are always steamed properly, and the flavors never disappoint, I’d recommend getting a latte, or as they call it at Slate, “Espresso and Milk” with one of their house-made syrups. You can tell these baristas take lots of pride and care in what they do, every drink is made to perfection.

The vibe here is so…Seattle. They’re always playing something awesome on vinyl and having fun behind the counter. I think it’s partly because of the neighborhood too, with Pioneer Square being Seattle’s oldest neighborhood, you really get the full experience of being downtown in a big city – it’s really awesome.

One of the best things about Slate is that they’re a roaster, so if you love a particular brew, you can take a bag of beans home at a really reasonable price. This is the kind of shop that gives you that sense of opportunity for the day. The crowd in the morning is usually bustling and high energy, making it feel like anything is possible! With lots of seating options and natural light, its still a good place to hang out and read a book too.


Mr. West Cafe Bar

Loaction: Downtown Seattle (Retail Core)

Atmosphere: Bohemian meets mid-century modern, friendly, plants

Favorite Menu Item(s): Coffee Egg Creme + Prosciutto Salad

Oh man, there’s really not enough words to express my love for Mr. West. I discovered it by accident and it still feels like that every time I go in. The atmosphere is always changing from bustling lunch crowds, to quiet afternoon readers. Each time is different and great in it’s own way. The staff are so friendly and really make you feel welcome. The biggest perk of this spot for me is it’s abundance of seating. There’s really nothing worse than needing to get a lot of work done, heading out into the world, ordering your coffee, and not having a place to sit. I have never had a problem like that at Mr. West.

The atmosphere is an Instagrammer’s dream come true. Lot’s of contemporary fixtures and Edison bulbs, peppered in with rustic marble table tops, mid-century modern furniture with lots and lots of plants. There are plants everywhere. And that’s enough to make anyone feel at ease.

This is another stop on my list that’s food menu can actually hold a candle to it’s coffee menu; usually it seems to be one or the other. In the morning their breakfasts are filling and tasty, and in the afternoons you can indulge in one of their sweet cocktails or wines (hello Frosé – yes! Frozen Rosé!) Not a wine drinker? Try one of their beer selections or kombucha on tap. If you decide to stop by Mr. West for lunch I recommend one of the salads or avocado toast, this toast is seriously a MOUNTAIN – large sourdough slice mustard seeds and a soft boiled egg – what could be better? The ingredients are always fresh and light, the perfect add-on to your proffered cup of joe. Chances are if you head into Mr. West on any given day, you will probably see me there too! Come say hi and have a drink 🙂


Thanks for reading this short and sweet coffee shop roundup! I wanted to include so many more places, but I’m saving those for part II! If you’ve tried one of these spots or are heading to Seattle in the near future, let me know! I’d love to hear your favorite drink.




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