Journal Product Guide

Questions I get asked most often:

  1. What journal do you use?
  2. What pens do you like?
  3. Where do you get your stickers?

I’m going to go over all of that here!


Of all the notebooks I’ve tried, my favorite for bullet journaling is by far the Moleskine Dotted Softcover notebook. It’s flexible, portable, the perfect size for filling pages and the dotted pages are easy to layout.

Moleskine Notebook


As far as pens go, everyone has pretty specific preferences. For me, Micron pens are great because of their variety of nib sizes so you can really explore all different widths. They do ghost a little on the Moleskine pages but I’ve found that thats kind of inevitable – if you’re very bothered by this you might prefer a notebook with thicker pages similar to a sketchbook.

I use Microns for almost every layout, but I recently picked up my dream pen which I will most likely be using for everything from here on out! Its a Kaweco fountain pen. Taking pride in your writing all starts with the tools you’re using. I go through pens really quickly, like really quickly. So instead of purchasing a new pack every time one dries out I decided to invest in a nicer pen where I can replace the cartridges for $3. I’ll link both styles for you below!

Micron Pen Set

Kaweco Fountain Pen


Decorations. Probably the thing I get asked about most! As some of you know, I collect vintage paper materials. Stationery, stickers, stamps, book pages etc. So I usually find a lot of journal decorations on Etsy. You can search according to your preferences. But for everyday use I really like the style and quality of Cavallini Paper Co. stickers – they’re sturdy and thick so they look really nice on the page and don’t bend easily. I’ll link one below but there’s tons to choose from! Happy shopping!

Cavallini Paper Stickers


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