adjective: dru·sy  \ -zē \covered with minute crystals – the glittering effect of minerals containing cavities lined with crystals – drusy surface – drusy vein
drusy has always been such a fascinating word and description that I have long been obsessed with. It has such a mystery about it, right down to its spelling. The idea to call my online presence “druzyveins” came as an extension of how I want to view myself at all times: Confident, sparkling all on my own, and always reflecting the light. I want to feel this way about myself right down to my very veins. Unapologetically shining.
 Hi! It’s me!
My name is Victoria, I am a twenty-something over-thinker, journal scribbler, and golden hour chaser, living in Seattle, Washington.
∴ ∴ ∴
My artistic ventures started with pen and paper and have slowly developed into photography, bullet journaling, and dabbling in interior decor. This blog is my attempt to document things that are beautiful and important to me, I hope you enjoy following along. Feel free to follow my adventures side-by-side on my Instagram below for more of my virtual scrapbook.